It's that time of year when our thoughts turn to cooler weather, less rain, pumpkin lattes and fall colors (even though it is subtle difference here in Florida). While there certainly are lots of spooky attractions already welcoming visitors.  But carefully crafted haunted houses with high dollar admissions are not the only place to get totally freaked in Tampa Bay. Here are some suggestions to choose your own supernatural adventure.

Haslam's Book Store

The beloved book shop in St Petersburg is said to be haunted by Jack Kerouac, who spent his last years  in St Petersburg before his death in 1969. Supposedly visiting the poetry and art section of the store has a cold and quiet feeling, unusual for that part  of the store.

Sulpher Springs Water Tower

This historic tower is visible from Interstate 275 in Tampa has long been a draw for Ghost enthusiasts (check YouTube for some amateur videos). It is also a draw for people just looking to get creeped out by the wind whipping around a cool neo-Gothic building.

Tampa Theatre

This space does have a haunted reputation, even though some pretty classy events have been held there. Hence the ghosts tours offered on select dates throughout October. And on October 21, see the premiere of " Ghosts Behind the Screen", a new documentary that explores the haints of this haunt, from Foster "Fink" Finley to the Lady in White.

The Vinoy

The guests have long held that the Vinoy Renaissance St Petersburg Resort & Golf Club is populated with spirits. Mysterios rocking chairs and a woman roaming the halls are favorite reports. In 2008, the show "Ghosts Hunters" filmed an episode on the entire fifth floor.

Philippe Park

Park is known for the historic Tocobaga Indian Mound in Safety Harbors's Philippe Park along with spectacular views of upper Tampa Bay. Super natural stories abound in the park, where early settler Count Odet Philippe was buried. Visitors report as the sun goes down, lots of weird rustling starts as darkness encloses the park.

Don Cesar Hotel 

There have been many occurrences over the years, with both staff and quests reporting apparitions, eerie noises, and odd sensations.  The first time people started to take notice was in 1973. Staff and guests starting seeing a gentleman in a  white suit, walking along the beach before vanishing in front of their eyes. His description  matches that of Thomas Rowe, who used to always wear his signature white suit. While other ghosts have been seen, his is the most famous as he was the original owner of the Don Cesar. The Hotel Don Cesar or the "Pink Palace" as it's more commonly known, has been a staple on the shoreline of St Pete Beach since its completion in 1928.    Thomas's ghost has been seen on the 5th floor, in the lobby, and in the garden, often wearing a Panama hat, and on occasion holding the hand of a beautiful raven haired woman, believed to be his love..Lucinda.